You Matter Exactly as You Are

matterSometimes we have this notion that if we could just be better people, if we could just be more disciplined, if we could just have more faith, if we could just have our stuff together, then we could really make a difference in our world. Yet what we don’t realize is that each of us have unique opportunities exactly where we are to both learn and impart important life lessons. And no one else can do that but us.

By honoring and respecting our journeys, we create flow in this process. Our lives don’t have to look any special way for us to learn and offer truths that help us grow. Prisoners can bring the most potent lessons that help us flourish. Being homeless can afford us the most meaningful connections of our lives. Even being deeply entrenched in dogmatic beliefs can put us in a place of deeply touching another’s life in beautiful ways.

It doesn’t matter where we are in our journeys: By respecting and honoring each of our paths and by being fully PRESENT, we can make a difference like no other in our world.