Running with Cory in the Marathon of Louisiana…and of life

Yesterday, you ran with me…
Into the trees at George Bush park
Along the lakes before Bethany’s wedding
Ahead of me to Santiago de Compostela;

Yesterday, you danced with me…
Impromptu into Bethy’s room to wake her
In line all night to the Bulgarian hora
Free style at Bethy’s wedding;

Today, you ran with me…
Ahead of me in the trees along the Garden District
Beside me in the lakes into the University
Behind me at St James Episcopal Church;

Today, you danced with me…
Impromptu to the Latin beats of the Songsa that pumped me up
In line to start the race around Baton Rouge
Free style to my eclectic mix of Latin hip hop, Baroque classical and Gregorian chants.

Tomorrow, though your ashes spread about the earth from which you came,
Your soul called back to the Creator by whom you were made,
Your run with me, and you dance with me,
All the way to the finish line.