Do You See What I See? Part 2

Next on the agenda was quote poster and cards. What this entailed was holding up Cory’s sign that he himself made and used for this purpose that read, “Just be love(d).” In addition to the poster, I printed out cards with quotes that Cory had sent me that were uplifting and meant something to Cory. Well, this practice was trickier. People couldn’t seem to get past the idea that someone holding up a sign on a corner wants to GIVE something away- kindness and love. Some guardedly occupied themselves while they waited for the light to turn green. A few rolled down their window and allowed Jeremy to give them a quote card with a happy greeting, “Thank you for being YOU.” And yet a few more waved, honked happily or held up their “I love you” fingers. For this practice, I felt inclined to assist Jeremy standing next to him, smiling and waving. We also gave away quote cards to people on foot who passed by. Overall, it was an enjoyable practice but difficult to pull off effectively with a cardboard sign.

However, I expanded the practice beyond Cory’s experience to put quote cards on bottles of water, Gatorade and Cliff bars. (In the winter I also kept a supply of socks and large garbage bags with quote cards attached.) I keep these in my car or on my person at times if I think I will encounter a homeless person. And on this trip, I encountered several homeless people. My practice is even if I don’t have a quote card, a bottle of water or money, I can give my kindness. I strive to give every homeless person I meet a warm loving smile and a hearty greeting. Those moments however short are so energizing and tender. The way I see it is that love can be conveyed very quickly without words by how you look at someone. Once that connection is made, the interaction not only positively affects the recipient, but often the smile and love is returned. In so doing, a circle of love is created where both parties become givers and receivers, uplifting both hearts.