Loving Through Detachment


Detachment does not mean I don’t feel for someone. Nor does it mean I don’t miss someone. To let someone go is to love them more completely. Therefore often I feel and miss people more deeply as I detach. Detachment is saying I release others from my egoic desire to have them, to be attached to them. I notice the illusion of having more as being more complete, and it is an illusion. Indeed attachment is quite cunning. When I let go of someone, I am released to love them completely and unconditionally. I picture myself before detachment with all of these people, things and ideas hanging on to me like appendages, extra weight and excess baggage. In that moment, I find it hard to move, to flow, to live. I am constrained by my own choosing without even realizing it. But then I look in a mirror and see my ridiculous and overwhelming state, and my resolve to be free is solidified. I begin to dismantle the monster I had become, removing one person, thing, idea at a time. It is a process, but I am diligent. I want to see what is beneath this unnatural creation I had developed over my lifetime. I want to view my essence, free from anyone or anything. Over time, I see me. Oh, so that’s how I look. Wow! It’s not what I expected. I am shining so brightly, it’s hard for my human eyes to see. I am beautiful. I am infinite. I am free. Free to love and to live. And it is here where I can do so completely, intensely. It is here where I reach down into souls and reveal their boundless essence. It is here where my feelings are most pure, profound, true. I am alive with love.