Mandatory Life Hacks

1-Voice commands.

Example: “Remind me about our anniversary next year on March 2nd”

Explanation:While there is a learning curve, never forgetting the date again is a priceless reward.  You will need to force yourself to practice doing this any time you think of something you want to remember about.

2-Listing Responsibilities / Roles / Dreams etc –


Roles I play:
-Steward of a vehicle
-Global Citizen

Explanation: There’s nothing more clarifying than an exhaustive list.  Everyone should have a collection of lists that act as a sort of “operating manual”.  Not only will you find this activity unexpectedly rewarding, but it will help you to keep mental track of where you see improvement and where you could stand to improve.  For me, a direct result of this activity has been greatly improved relations with my “inner circle” of friends and family, since I no longer forget to call them regularly.

Once these lists are created, you are free to take some time elaborating on how to address each, how to invest in improving each in an economy of time, how to set reminders and plan events that will assist.

Expanded Example:
-Uncle – Facetime Nephew Benny at least once a week.
-Brother – Call Bethany after I go swim on Sundays, text Landon to call me when he’s free at least once a week
-Friend – Call Corey, Casey, Cole, Bryan, Chris, Scott, Lance, William at least once a month just to talk.
-Entrepreneur – Read the latest posts to Ries’ blog.  Continue to take advantage of all the offerings from local Small Business Association.  Attend BootStrap Entrepreneur meetup.
-American – blog about political issues, redirect people’s attention to the sentiments of our Founding Fathers.  Watch

3-Journaling –

All influential people journal.  You can not manage what you can not measure.  You need a journal to record at least a little bit.  Your mind is great at remembering things, it just needs a little help, a collection of hints, something.  Journaling can be interpreted broadly to mean, any form of writing that reflects on what you’re thinking or experiencing at that point in time.  Just do it, even if it’s two sentences a day on what you did.

4-Reviewing said Journaling –
Journaling, in and of itself, will help you remember things.  Writing things down, like telling people things, helps cement them into your memory.  However, you’ll be amazed how many revelations you get from reviewing your past week every week, and even reviewing past years.

I know that if you don’t already meditate, it seems esoteric, religion specific and specifically spiritual.  It’s NOT. It is perhaps the single most important lifehack out there.  Meditation is something that fascinates neurologists. The concensus is that it makes you calmer, happier, smarter, healthier and a better lover.  Just do it.  Ease into it, start with 10 minute sits in the morning when you wake up, before you eat.  Try to pick one of the established postures and use it.  It will be next to impossible to stop the thoughts, that’s ok.  Just keep redirecting your attention when you realize it.  It’s worthwhile to spend some time reading about the different methods.  I like Shambalah teachings for beginning meditators.

6-Using a handsfree device –
to repurpose time spent in transit or waiting as time to catch up with friends and family or listen to an educational podcast.  Don’t waste your ride home or the time your doing the dishes, use it to learn or to catch up with those who love and miss you.

7-Fasting –
like meditation, it may seem esoteric, extreme, faith/spirituality specific. It’s NOT. You must fast every now and then if you want to operate at your top potential.   There is a reason why every major religion in the world uses fasting.  It’s benefical effects are not just spiritual and mental. Fasting is absolutely necessary way to reset your biological clock, your reward circutry, familiarize yourself with your bodies signals, develop spiritual  clarity, the list goes on.  You have nothing to lose, and you’ll never forget it.  If you’re looking for a motivation boost, try donating all the money you would have spent on food to people who are actually starving out there, your repurposed food expendatures could feed 2-10 starving children for however many days you fast.

8-Plasticity Encouraging Activities:

Dance, Improvisation, Outdoor Sports, Games, Creating Things – The world’s top neuroscientists are practically begging you to engage these activities in order to expand your mind, literally become smarter.

9-Attending MeetUps Regularly
to connect with people and exchange experience and collaborate towards mutual dreams.

10-Immediately Catalog Ideas –
with a text message or email sent to yourself (hopefully you’re running an auto-backup app of some kind too)

little practices, massive difference