Einstein Meets Sacred Geometry


“The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with joy are goodness, beauty, and truth.”
― Albert Einstein

So I was reading “Ideas and Opinions” by Einstein earlier and stumbled across the above quote.

I realize, no matter whether a person believes in a God or not, we can almost all agree on the veneration of these three principles: Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

So, I took these terms, and decided to try and arrange them somehow, see if that provided any insights into a cogitation on Truth, Goodness and Beauty.  What better way than to form the Versica Piscii, the shape which births all shapes. Now, before you ignore this post as overly as esoteric- consider this:

The shapes I’m describing are a-priori arrangements.  They’re part of what some call the “fingerprint of God”, some call it freemasonry symbology, Illuminati.  Well, it’s none of those things and all of those things.  It’s simply a collection of arrangements we’ve found that seem to pervade our known Universe across diverse fields.  Interpretation of this pattern is left up to the curious reader.  Pythagoras and his Pythagorean School was famous for these sorts of meditations.  Unfortunately, most of those texts have been lost forever, along with their content.  Anyways, what I did is formed one circle, then a Versica by centering another circle exactly one radius-length to its side.


So here is my Vinn diagram, I could not figure out what goes between selflessness and greed.  It’s just a contemplation, there are no right and wrong answers.

Again, pretty interesting to think about just dividing them into perpendicular aspects.

Here’s a look at Earth and Venus’ geometrically perfect pentagonal orbit.  I did not make this one, just stumbled across it the other day..

Circle -> Versica Piscis (Seed)-> Flower of Life (Entering Plurality) -> Universe (Square/Spacetime) -> Human (Pentagon) -> Communication (Hexagon)


So if you’re interested in proportionality and universal periodicity check out this amazing book by Robert Lawlor.  I have spent probably 80+ hours in this small book which contains many illustrations and exposes the geometric proportionality of Architecture, music, art, the human body.  It also discusses a history of sacred geometry and numerals in the minds of our ancestors.  I will buy the book from you if you do not appreciate it.  It’s actually an academic presentation converted into a heavily illustrated book.  Don’t expect to completely understand it all unless you’re a bigger student of philosophy and mathematics than I (which isn’t really saying much :-P).  I think almost anyone with a basic understanding of geometry and philosophy will have plenty to be blown away by, regardless.