Ask me how i’m doing

ask me how I’m doing
and i’ll tell you its ok
ask me how’s it going
and I’ll say not bad today

but who can describe how it feels
the emptiness of lost kin
when your loss seems so surreal
the hurt that never ends

the song that says ‘I miss you’
the family around the fire
the friend who we both knew
new life you’ll never admire

ask me how I’m doing
I’ll tell you I am fine
ask me hows it going
I’ll surely pull the line

but surely me it happened to
not a short time ago
that i cried bitterly for you
a hurt no one can know

the clothes you left behind
the news of suffering i hear
writing about that time…fill in the line
or drinking bat cave beer

ask me how i’m doing
i’ll say fine
i surely will keep going
but can not describe the loss
that can never be replaced