God in Costume

costume with quote

by Cory Roussel

Lately I’ve been seeing powerfully Godly beings in many who know/ practice no religions. The notion of swimming back and forth through “Samskara” [a mental conformation or latent karmic tendency shaping one’s present life] in various lifetimes has opened this beautiful POSSIBILITY (not even important whether accurate or not, still bears some fruit) that even enemies are spiritual masters in disguise teaching tough lessons. Thus the jokester, the Mariachi, the machismo, the DECEIVED, all are exposed as carefully chosen “costumes” “God” wears to teach the lessons suited for each stage of spiritual growth. In this model, even the “tragically lost” intravenous drug user “could-be”, IS Jesus if you will, coming to show us something. What a precious sacrifice these “junkies” have made for the rest of us to learn from. They willingly take on great pain and consequence even loss of life to bring us these lessons. The rapist even teaches forgiveness. Or perhaps the raped chooses to teach others how deep-seated resentment can kill us and rob us of joy. Either way, what a sacrifice the afflicted made in choosing their life of covert sacrifice. We really need not even KNOW or TRY to be Godly to be God. Our only option is WHICH PART TO PLAY? Willing recipient of Providence? Or martyrdom in sin and pain? Truly righteousness is for our own OPTION to exercise good and experience blessing. We cannot cheat God or deviate from HIS plan. His kingdom on earth IS here, and we visit it regularly. Just a thought I had as I noticed some telltale rays of light seeping through these cheap and imperfect costumes God wears. (We call them strangers, friends, enemies.)

This is an excerpt from “The Way Out: A Guide to Being Free From the Prison of Your Mind” by Cory Roussel.

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