The Project

12charley bw
You are so much more than your form or your story. You are a human being with a spirit that is immeasurably worthy, infinitely beautiful, incredibly priceless. What if when we look at each other we can do so without judgement, understanding we are all on different journeys? What if we could help each other move forward in our journeys by loving unconditionally?
This project is directly inspired by my son, Cory Roussel, who passed away October 26, 2014 at the age of 27. His legacy of love and compassion is being carried on through Cory’s Dream: Be the Change, where we hope to inspire others to be love, be compassion, be authentic, be present. For this project, I engaged each participant in a conversation, then asked them to eye gaze with me for two minutes without talking. With the understanding that the eyes are a window to the soul, my experiences and theirs were quite profound. So, I share here what happened, in the hopes you too will be inspired to look and to see the wondrous beings surrounding us.
I also created, with the help of a number of other people, a video of creative ways to show love and compassion as practiced by Cory Roussel. These include:
Reverse Panhandling– Throwing money in people’s cars
Quote Posters/Cards– Flying an inspirational sign just to be kind
Free Compliments– Distributing compliments via a tear-off flyer
Free Answers– Engaging people by answering questions
It is our hope we can inspire the viewers to either copy our ideas or come up with some of their own.
And lastly, the project involves eye gazing in the space. I will eye gaze with attendees to the event at the opening and at various times throughout the exhibition. There will also be a short explanation of eye gazing and space for anyone to participate in an eye gaze and to share their experience.
I see this project being a way to empower people to love unconditionally. It’s a way to give people tools of perspective and inspiration. It’s a way to inspire others to Cory’s Dream: Be the Change.       — Denise Roussel