The Way Out

One day while Cory was in prison, he told a fellow inmate, “Come see, I know the way out.”

“Really?” answered the Hispanic friend. “Please tell me.”

“Well, we wait… and we wait… and we wait… and we wait until one day the doors will open, and we will walk out.”

“Hah! That’s brilliant,” roared the friend. “Hey, Pedro! Come listen to Cory. He knows the way out!”

It seems comical, but actually profound. Cory learned some things while in prison that helped him have an entirely different perspective about life. He also felt very strongly about helping others who were experiencing a similar path. That’s where he birthed the idea of the “7 Page Project”. Originally, he wanted to proliferate a document that he could send out to many people. He figured he would be practical and send seven pages since that’s how many fit in an envelope requiring only one stamp. We quickly realized there was no way he could fit all he had to say in 7 pages. But we kept the name none-the-less. Here’s Cory’s Prisoner 7 Page Project, “The Way Out”.

The first goal of “The Way Out” initiative is to proliferate this 7 page project, which is already begun. As time permits and the people and resources needed to progress this outreach become available, we will incorporate several facets: a book project, a pen pal program, a hotline and yoga/meditation programs in prisons.

If you know of any prisoner who is willing and interested in receiving Cory’s book “The Way Out: A Guide to Being Free From the Prison of Your Mind”, please email Denise Roussel at