cory in austin garden

If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. If you’re not growing, you’re not living. I often wondered how Cory knew so much about so many things. He read A LOT, he watched A LOT of Youtube videos. But most importantly, he was an experiential learner. He used resources to guide him, yet the real learning was in being out in nature and in the real world living what he learned. Our hope is that you too can be guided by this library as a spring board for learning, growth and living.


Here is Cory’s Story  given at “Story Time for Grownups” in Austin, Texas. It is a story of forgiveness, revenge and the crucible. A must see!

Denise Roussel shares about “Facing Your Fears” at her 35 year high school reunion.

Denise Roussel shares “Is Goodbye Really Necessary?” at Storytime for Grownups in Austin.

Denise Roussel expresses her thoughts about “Connecting in the Space Between the Words”.

Profound documentary: “The Sacred Geometry Movie”

Collective Evolution’s “Life Changing Video”


Meditation was an integral part of Cory’s life. Here’s what he wrote about meditation.

“Harvard Study Unveils What Meditation Does to the Brain”

“Meditation for Beginners” 

“Troubled Grade School Students Taught Meditation”

Living your Life to the Fullest

Cory felt strongly about sharing his experience with others so that we too can enjoy life to the fullest. Read more HERE.

“Mandatory Life Hacks” by Cory Roussel

Facebook post by Cory on being open, “Radical Authentic Expression”

Facebook post by Cory about being still and knowing 

I highly recommend this FREE Ebook, “How to Change the World”.

“10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job”

“Discover Your Inner Genius Crossing the Threshold of Your Life’s Purpose”


Cory was most in his element when he was connecting with others and felt passionate about building strong relationships:

Facebook post by Cory about building relationships

“8 Signs You are in a Relationship Worth Keeping”

“Lasting Relationships Rely on 2 Traits”


Tips from Cory:

Facebook post by Cory about favorite cheap healthy foods

Ever heard of Kombucha?

“Bodily Tissues that Can Be Regenerated by Nutrition”


Fasting was an important part of Cory’s experience. Here’s what he has to say about fasting.

Study that shows the regenerative effect of fasting for 3 days

 Cory particularly practiced and advocated intermittent fasting.

Plants and Nature

Here is a sampling of things Cory wrote about in his FB page “Wild Food and Foraging Austin”.

Try foraging! HERE is a tip from Cory.


What are nootropics? Cory researched and used various nootropics, cognitive enhancing nutritive supplements, to help him attain health and enhanced mental cognition. Read HERE to find out more.


Here’s a nice video with Cory’s thoughts while running in Houston.

Cory decided to run 17 miles one day. HERE is what he posted about it.

Quantum Physics

Cory talked to me and wrote about this concept of quantum physics, the illusion of matter.

Cory explains more in Part 1 of “The Way Out”.

“Consciousness Creates Reality”

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry was very important to Cory. Learn more HERE.

Lucid Dreaming

Cory spoke and wrote about lucid dreaming.

“10 Ways to Become a Lucid Dreaming Master”

Ecstatic Dance:

Ecstatic dance, a kinesthetic meditation of sorts, and the community in Austin played a vital role in Cory’s enlightenment. HERE is what he had to say about it:

Austin tourism

Cory created a Austin Tourist Tips flyer. Enjoy!


Cory considered himself a keeper of the space that is the Congress Avenue Bridge and the bats. He developed a flyer to help others to learn more about it:

“Mexican Free-tailed Bats”

Cory recommended this site for a good laugh: Bat bomb

Cory was interviewed by a group doing a documentary on bats.

Business ideas

Cory was passionate about turning your interests into skills:

Bartering and ride shares

Cory LOVED Craigslist for everything from buying, selling, bartering, ride shares, you name it. Here is a hilarious post he wrote when he first arrived in Austin in 2008: