How To Help the Homeless

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Here’s a perspective on homelessness from Cory.

Homelessness, Death and the $1 You Gave a Panhandler by Cory Roussel

Here are links to help you learn more about the homeless and how you can help:

Practical Ideas to Help the Homeless by Denise Roussel

How Judgement Affects Our Humanity by Denise Roussel

My Amazing Authentic Relating Adventure by Denise Roussel

Want to print out some quote cards and attach to socks, garbage bag or water? 

Cory’s Dream Quote Cards

Free Compliments

Loving and Being Loved by 12 Homeless Friends in 12 Hours by Denise Roussel

Cardboard Homeless Shelter by Cory’s Dream

When He Says, “I’m a Human Being,” I Tear Up, Too from Upworthy

Ever Wondered What to Say to a Homeless Person? from Nation Swell