Kindness for Cory Project

cory hugs a treeWhen Cory died, I knew instinctively that Cory would not want the
expenses of flowers at his memorial. Instead, I felt passing along some of his practices to the world in his memory was much more meaningful. So, I asked people in lieu of flowers to donate to the (an organization that has hugely impacted Cory’s life and mine) or to perform an act of kindness on Cory’s behalf. The response was overwhelming. Wow! What an incredibly awesome way to honor a life. I recognize that we don’t need a reason to perform an act of kindness, but sometimes that extra inspiration to perform an act of kindness on someone’s behalf causes there to be a multiplication effect because we, Cory’s family, receive your kindness as well.
On the anniversary of Cory’s passing, we have received numerous cards with people sharing with us more acts of kindness they were performing in Cory’s memory. I cannot tell you how healing that is for me. So, I’ve decided to start a Kindness for Cory Project. I will record ANONYMOUSLY all acts of kindness that you share with me. You may feel free to email me at Together we can inspire our world to be a kinder place.

(I lifted this quote from Cory’s Facebook page.)

kindness quote