Creating a New Earth Vision

This is what I see coming in this new earth:

First of all, there will be no money. Things will progress on more of a bartering system. But we won’t own anything because we will have the understanding that we are all utilizing whatever it is that we have. It won’t belong to anyone, therefore it will all be freely shared. There won’t be people with many things and people with no things. We will all live more collaboratively much like the Native American Indians lived. There will be an understanding that there is enough for everyone and that everyone is worthy of being provided for and enjoying life. There will be no more greed and envy.

The way we get our energy and our food will be completely organic and sustainable and in a way that replenishes the earth by using the resources wisely and kindly.

In our relationships, we will no longer have the marriage structure. There will be an understanding that we own no one and no one owns us. We will freely share time with one another in a way that operates in unconditional love. Sexual energy will be used in a pure way to create more love. There will be no more jealousy.

We will base our lives and our work on collaboration not competition. And because we have opened ourselves to this kind of interaction, we will have opened ourselves to limitless creation that we will all enjoy. People will do what they’re passionate about instead of settling for work that just supports them. They will tap into their limitless abilities to create for the Greater Good.

Our educational system will be about experiential learning and will look very different from what we have known. So called teachers will be more like guides and facilitators that help students learn about life by experiencing it. Students and teachers alike will be encouraged in this process to follow their bliss and their passion, without being required to learn things that are not applicable for their journey. Learning will be a joy that everyone will naturally do throughout their lives.

In the family structure, there will be an understanding that we are all equal, that we are all souls here to support one another. The parents will not try to lord it over the children, but instead they will understand their role as guides, teachers and as students, since the children so very often are our best teachers.

Regarding leadership, the hierarchical system of leading will be no more. Instead it will be more of facilitator roles that guide people and give them the freedom to expand and create for the greater good. Many will play both roles of leader and follower, depending on the situation. Work will not be looked upon as mundane and unimportant because people will be flowing in harmony with themselves and with others and with the earth. In fact, it will be hard to make a distinction between work and just living and loving life. There will not be requirements for us to be certain places for certain amounts of time because there will be a fluidity that allows people to operate freely and in sync with others.

Our communication will be vastly improved because we won’t constantly be triggered by our fears. We will communicate authentically and purely from a place of unconditional love. This communication, which will take many forms, including telepathy, will be a powerful force of creation.

The need for healthcare workers, law enforcement officers, lawyers, people involved in the justice system, medical doctors and mental health practitioners will be dramatically reduced or nonexistent because people will know how to heal themselves and will operate in harmonious ways with one another.

Beauty will be highly valued and appreciated, and people will spend much time creating and enjoying it in all aspects of living.

This is why it is so important to CREATE MORE MEDITATIVE ENERGY, CREATE MORE LOVINGKINDNESS. The time has come for us to wake up and BE WHO WE ARE. Our planet needs us. Our Universe needs us.




Let there be PEACE on earth, and let it begin with ME.