“Beyond This Space: My Son Cory’s Story and How He Changed My Life”

beyond this space front cover

There are those souls who come to this earth for the express purpose of helping us move forward in our journeys. Cory was one of those souls. Moving through the cycles of life, he both descended and ascended very rapidly in order to fulfill his destiny here. Never one to blend in, his uniqueness and unabashed courage made his life a wild adventure, one that profoundly touched many along the way. My heart is full of gratitude for how he utterly transformed my life while going through his own metamorphosis. He left this earth at age 27, but his spirit lingers on, weaving in and out of our lives, propelling us forward in love. Today I carry the torch of his legacy by sharing his dream for each of us to BE the change- BE love, BE compassion, BE authentic, BE present. – Denise Roussel

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