“The Way Out: A Guide to Being Free From the Prison of Your Mind”

the way out front cover only

“I saw that anyone willing to seek out information and practice it, then relay the info for the rest of us has something to offer. So I decided to write. I’m going to keep this writing very simple and present mainly others’ ideas. I want to write for the people who aren’t experts, who haven’t studied all the world’s religions and read all the classics and philosophy; yet at the same time, I hope to write in a way that opens new doors for even the highly educated among us. Most of all, I hope to serve “living knowledge”, writing in a way that expresses experience and understanding, not just dead intellectual knowledge. I seek to remind people of the truth lying fallen in a clouded spirit. I seek to awaken ways of looking at things, not convince people of beliefs. I will use generalizations and strategies, pointing people towards purer, more precise truths rather than trying to perfect it myself. I trust and believe my experience will help others.” – Cory Roussel
“The Way Out is a edited compilation of letters written by Cory Roussel while in prison to his family. These letters reflect his profound transformation while incarcerated and also are the means by which I was utterly changed as well. In an effort to proliferate encouragement, knowledge and inspiration, Cory also created an extensive document after his release to serve those who have undergone similar  life experiences. It has been my observation that although many of us have never been in prison, most of us have known what it is to be imprisoned by our own minds and thoughts. I am forever grateful to Cory for showing me the way out.”   – Denise Roussel

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