About Cory


“All things come to pass. Loved ones. Hard times. Ecstasy. Despair. Life Itself.”

– Cory Roussel

My name is Denise Roussel, and I am honored to be the mother of the beautiful soul we are celebrating here. My son, Cory Roussel, died on October 26, 2014 at the age of 27. He was an angel in disguise, a wise old sage in a young man’s body, loaned to us for a time. He lived a very full and intense life, one filled with the power and vigor and love. A rich life can only be formed by adversity, and he had a lot of it in his 27 years. It was if he was on some cosmic race to experience, grow and pass along what he learned. He is gone from this earth, but he is still so very present. His life’s purpose was to love and show compassion to everyone, to connect and engage and be present every moment of the day, living as though each one would be his last. Upon his passing out of this life and back to the universe, he has passed the torch of his legacy to me and to others.

“Cory’s Dream” is an attempt to help others to live, grow and BE the change this world so desperately needs. We hope to propagate those things that he experienced and felt strongly about. One aspect of this work is to share his book, “The Seed Collection/ A Book of Proverbs” that was what he termed his 7 Page Project, quotes, sayings, contemplations and concepts that Cory lived by. This book and project is specifically in response to his intense inner urging that we EACH have a responsibility to pass along our life’s inspiration and truths by which we live.

For a cumulative total of about three years, Cory lived homeless. In the end, he lived homeless intentionally, camping out in a hammock in the Greenbelt of Austin and taking waterfall massages in the morning. As a result, we learned a lot about homelessness. Therefore, part of our mission is to educate others about homelessness and to inspire others to become involved in the lives of our fellow human beings who happen to be in a low point in their lives. “Do You See What I See?” is a project that helps us to look past our form and story and see each other as souls on different journeys and to understand what it means to not judge but to love unconditionally.

Cory was a voraciously learner. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. If you’re not growing, you’re not living. So we are including a Library of articles, videos, podcasts, books that Cory was directly involved with or in line with things that he advocated.

Enjoy, Love, Live and Be the Change!