2015 Kind Acts

In honor of Cory, I am going to make “blessing bags” to hand out to the homeless. In fact, my class of 6th graders is going to help with this project, and we hope to make and distribute at least 100 bags to the homeless people of Seattle. (Anonymous)


love fest birthday 2015I held a love fest giving away 250 free compliments, lots of hugs and eye gazed with two people. (Anonymous)




Inspired by and to honor Cory, we pledge to volunteer a weekend at St. Francis Table, a Catholic-based soup kitchen serving those in downtown Atlanta. We will reflect on Cory’s love and legacy as we attempt to participate in the same service he showed others without regard to their station in life. (Anonymous)

This past weekend, I volunteered to facilitate a Confirmation retreat for high school students at a local parish. During adoration and mass, I dedicated much of my prayers to you and your family. (Anonymous)

Last week, on the anniversary of Cory’s passing, I offered my communion for him. (Anonymous)

I know acts of kindness were important to Cory, so I am making a point to do small acts of kindness in his memory and his honor. So far, these include: paying for others’ meals at Chic-Fil-A and doing charity dentistry on Nov. 7. (Anonymous)