2014 Kind Acts

In honor of Cory and his kindness, I asked God and Cory to help me have an open heart and an open mind so that I would see, hear and be receptive to others’ everyday needs. On the 1st day, as I was walking my dog, I noticed my elderly neighbor was upset and looking for something on the ground. Because of Cory, I wasn’t in a hurry or in “my own world”. I stopped and helped Mr. Willie find a small spring. Another day, I was in line at the grocery store when I realized the lady in front of me was removing items because she didn’t have enough money. I was able to pay for the ladies groceries, and she was so gracious and happy. I helped my coworker, a mother of four young children, when two of her children were sick. She had to miss work and was stressed because of the work timelines. Thinking about Cory, I was able to rearrange my students so that I could see her students. She didn’t have to call, cancel or reschedule. She was so excited and surprised when she returned to work.  It has been an honor to remember Cory’s kindness. I did not know him, but I feel I do because of all the joy and love he helped me spread. God Bless and Love, (Anonymous)

you are important

Cory was the most compassionate person I have ever met. He has inspired me to my edge with compassion over and over again. One thing I started doing was first giving dog food to the homeless with dogs, then toothbrushes and now socks that have a note on them that says, “You are important.” While passing out these socks to the homeless, I frequently thought about Cory. This all happened before he died. I continue passing out socks to the homeless in his honor. (Anonymous)

I wrapped two gift cards, then gave them to random people at bus stops for Christmas. (Anonymous)

We gave our Saints football tickets to Boys’ Hope/Girls’ Hope. The girl who used our tickets has a birthday on the 27th. We asked all of our friends who sit next to us at the game to wish her Happy Birthday! (Anonymous)

gift of giving

I gave Whole Foods gift cards with inspirational notes on them as a birthday gift for someone to give away. (Anonymous)


I visited an 85-year-old neighbor, shut-in on oxygen, regularly. (Anonymous)

I supported a family by participating in the giving tree. (Anonymous)

photo 2 (2)I held up a sign to encourage others and gave away some cinnamon
rolls to a homeless person. By the way, I am homeless. (Anonymous)



In keeping with Cory’s empathy for all people, I have been overly generous in tipping those people who provide any type of service to me, especially those I sense could benefit the most. (Anonymous)

I purchased toys for OLOL’s Children’s Hospital to be given out during Christmas. I continue to advocate for a child in foster care. (Anonymous)

I served lunch to the homeless at the Holy Grill. (Anonymous)

I bought a gift card at Subway to give to a homeless man. (Anonymous)

I served food at St. Vincent de Paul to the homeless. (Anonymous)

I bought an elderly lady’s groceries without her knowing. (Anonymous)

I made bread for St. Agnes Soup Kitchen. (Anonymous)

We stuffed a $10 bill into the pocket of the janitor cleaning up during the company Christmas party, and then ducked away without being noticed. (Anonymous)

homeless friendsI treated some of my homeless friends to dinner, bought some shoes for another homeless friend and let her sleep in my car since she was sick and needed sleep. (Anonymous)

I bought two bags of groceries for the Food Bank. (Anonymous)

I donated to the food drive to feed a family at the Baton Rouge General Surgery Dept. (Anonymous)

Seed Collection Front CoverI gave Cory’s book “The Seed Collection” as Christmas gifts, together with a donation to the Baton Rouge Homeless Shelter. (Anonymous)



We provided clothes and Christmas gifts to a family in need. (Anonymous)

kindness for cory runI organized a “Kindness for Cory” drive and run. At the run, I encouraged donations to help proliferate “The Seed Collection”. (Anonymous)


I fed a family for the holidays through Whole Foods. (Anonymous)

I supported and assisted with the Christmas party for CASA volunteers who assist and mentor foster children. (Anonymous)

We offered a pacer for the Louisiana Marathon to stay at our home because the race didn’t provide a hotel room. (Anonymous)

homeless shelterWe constructed a cardboard homeless shelter for a homeless friend. (Anonymous)


I purchased 2,000 toys and 2,000 books for needy inner city children with funding provided by Good Fellows/Good Samaritans. (Anonymous)

I gave money to a homeless runner to provide housing for the holidays. (Anonymous)

I donated Wal-Mart gift cards to women and children so they can pick out presents for the children. (Anonymous)

A lady at McDonald’s told me she loved my necklace. So I took it off and gave it to her. She was so excited and started jumping up and down. (Anonymous)

We paid a newly diagnosed diabetic’s full prescription deductible and prescription costs so that he could have the insulin he needed. Everyone in the pharmacy was in tears, including the gentleman and me. (Anonymous)

At Thanksgiving time, I was at Wal-Mart in the check-out line. An older gentleman in line in front of me had a coupon for a free turkey, but it would not go through. He had tears in his eyes when he told the clerk he couldn’t go home without the Thanksgiving turkey. I paid for his turkey and gave him several items from my cart to finish off his meal. The look of gratitude in his eyes was priceless, but actually, I felt more grateful to be able to help him in his time of need. (Anonymous)

I worked 30 hours at the Interfaith of the Woodlands Food Pantry in remembrance of Cory. (Anonymous)

I paid for coffee for the car behind me at CC’s. (Anonymous)

I donated a bunch of pet meds to a shelter. (Anonymous)

I bought diapers and wipes for someone to use for their infant daughter. (Anonymous)

I brought gift bags with $20 to each Sonic waitress who bring me my drink each morning. (Anonymous)

terrence haircutI brought my homeless friend to get a haircut and shave. (Anonymous)




I donated to the blanket drive for veterans. (Anonymous)

I told someone they were beautiful. (Anonymous)

I gave someone a HUGE hug. (Anonymous)

I opened the door for someone. (Anonymous)

Donations were made to: Human Kindness Foundation, Catholic Relief Services, Baton Rouge Food Bank, SOS Children’s Villages, Grant’s Gifts, Salvation Army, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Field House for the Homeless, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Heifer International and Cuero Area Ministerial Alliance.