Retreat Host

Five days after my son Cory Roussel passed away, I knew that part of the work I would be doing to pass along his legacy of love and compassion was to offer retreats that incorporated the things he shared with us that helped him in his journey to healing, growth and enlightened living. The list is rather long, but includes: meditation, yoga, writing, reading, ecstatic dance, authentic relating games, alternating day fruit and vegetable fasting, and learning new things regularly. These are some of the things you can expect at Living the Dream retreat. The retreat offers a space where people can experience these powerful practices, as well as get away from the “busyness” of life, spend time with themselves, be in nature, and meaningfully connect with other like-hearted individuals. I encourage you to give yourself this time away as a special gift to help you on your journey of evolution.                                       –  Denise Roussel


Denise Roussel is a mother of three grown children, a grandmother and a happily married wife who resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When asked, “What do you do?” Denise responds, “I inspire people.” She uses her gifts of speaking, writing, creating and hospitality to fulfill her life’s purpose of evolving through love and compassion and to help others to grow as well into their highest truest self.

2016 Retreat Cancelled